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Laura Drake Chambers - © Rah Petherbridge Photography .jpg.jpg

Welcome to the grotteaux, shotgun carousel's first production since 2020 and our first ever stage show!

we're thrilled that you're here.

In 2020 we were commissioned by Woolwich Works to make The Grotteaux, for the venue's premiere Christmas season. We were so excited to be given the chance to create a new kind of work for our company, in a brand new venue, but as with so many projects over the past few years, the pandemic put a hold on The Grotteaux's progression. At Christmas it was postponed one final time, due to Covid. But here we are, in Spring, with a remounted show, a fresh vision with a new cast, new costumes, new designs and another opportunity to share our work with both familiar and faces new in the audience.


Shotgun Carousel are known for our immersive experiences, often with fine dining, and always larger than life. The Grotteaux is our first foray into staged cabaret on a fully theatrical scale, stepping away from the venues that we are used to. The show is our magical hollow, filled with the delights of spring, celebrating our own re-birth and rejuvenation into larger, adventurous projects. Taking on a staged cabaret has always been a dream of mine and thanks to my wonderful friend and colleague Molly Beth Morossa, we have conjured a cabaret feast and together nurtured relationships with some of the most talented artists, performers and creatives that are working in the UK right now. 


We would like to thank Woolwich Works for the opportunity, time, space and platform to bring The Grotteaux to life, exactly how we envisaged it. We will forever be thankful to our audiences, for always coming to our shows and giving us the space to express ourselves and see the work that we believe deserves to be shared with the masses. To our loved ones, our nearest and dearest, Shotgunners new and old, we thank you for your continued and everlasting support. It is because of you that these acts of magic are still being imagined.

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