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Shotgun Carousel are a London based, queer-led theatrical entertainment company and multi-disciplinary performance collective.

Experts in curating bespoke performances and dazzling spectacles, we pride ourselves in our imagination and high-end creativity, perfectionist standards in production values and our passion for attention to the details that make an experience stand out as unique. From walkabout acts, handmade costumes, extraordinary awe-inspiring puppetry or large scale immersive performances, we explore magic and escapism in the modern world.

With a loyal client base, who know our team will consistently deliver breathtaking experiences for their guests, clients and audience members, we work down to the finest of details to provide spectacular visual and theatrical feasts time and time again.

We pride ourselves on creating work that is accessible, inclusive, comedic and macabre, with energy and passion in every part of our character, costume story and set creation.

Our dedicated team of performers and visual artists, designers and directors, events creators and producers, have delivered work to stages and events across Europe and beyond, from private parties to awards ceremonies, art deco cinemas and underground tunnels.

Clients & Commissions include

Clients & Commissions include

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