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Red palace

Red Palace

“..a smash from pioneering party-organisers Shotgun Carousel, who’ve created a pleasure-palace with an anything goes feel about the place. Possibly the best place in the capital to unleash your inner deity.”

Below the river


“​Rather than theatre, cabaret or dining alone, [Shotgun Carousel] blends all three, with a generous sprinkling of glitter and hedonism”... “ I was whisked into another world”

Grow Eat Gift. 

“the atmosphere was electric, the entertainment second-to-none and the food exquisite”

Is this seat taken?

Red Palace was our second immersive theatre and cabaret experience conjured from the darkest, most beguiling and magical folk tales. Hosted at the Vaults, Red Palace was a night of feast and fantasy, within a Gothic masquerade that breathes new life into our most beloved fairy tale characters. Red Palace encorporated the fairy tales that we all know and love, but as a phantasmagoria of assassins, avengers and prophetesses; music hall starlets and black market bootleggers, fabulous émigrés from beyond the Palace’s magical borders. Red Palace was a chance to live your own fairy tale ending, whilst you indulged in the delicacies of The Prince’s banquet to the sound of a ghostly orchestra, watched dancers and jesters, contortionists and buffoons as ballerinas fly through the air alongside a hefty dosage of red wine. 


Scripted by Cressida Peever and directed by Celine Lowenthal, Red Palace ran from  September 2019 to January 2020.

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